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Fire Safety Engineers, Inc. offers a wide variety of engineering, design, and consulting services that will facilitate the progress of your projects.  Simply click on any of the following for more information, or browse the list of descriptions below:

Building Code Consulting

Alternate Means of Compliance

Fire Code Consulting

Computer Fire Modeling

Fire Safety Construction Consulting

Third-Party Fire Safety Review

Litigation Support

Building Code Consulting - With our staff’s 15-plus years of professional experience on over 700 projects and as a member of the International Conference of Building Officials and the National Fire Protection Association, we have the resources to assist you and your clients in understanding the building code and local amendments.  We can prepare and negotiate Fire Protection and Life Safety Plans required by many Building and Fire Departments.

Fire Code Consulting - From fire flow requirements to compliance with storage requirements and hazardous materials, we are equipped to help develop a plan and negotiate acceptance by the Fire Department.

Fire Safety Construction Consulting - During construction, many questions arise between the designers, installers, and code officials.  These issues often get bogged down in the traditional RFI process, where quick answers are needed to minimize construction delays and open buildings on time.  Can substitutions be made?  Is there another more cost-/time-effective solution?  We can often develop an 'engineered' approach and seek building and fire official approvals.  Let us tackle these RFI’s and follow your fire safety issues to resolution.

Alternate Means of Compliance - Is it impossible to comply with the literal code requirements?  We can help designers, owners, and contractors develop an alternative technical approach and the documentation necessary to file a request to the authority having jurisdiction for a code modification.

Computer Fire Modeling - Computer-based fire modeling is becoming more important as the codes are moving toward performance-based design.  Some code authorities are demanding these analyses.  We are familiar with the major fire models, their capabilities, and their limitations.

Third-Party Fire Safety Review - Having someone familiar with the fire safety codes and standards, as well as construction methods, review drawings and specifications can help minimize costly construction change orders.  Architects and designers can benefit by involving us early in the process where we can often suggest more cost-effective methods of achieving code compliance.

Litigation Support - At times, a facility’s fire safety features are called into question in a construction dispute or after a fire.  We can provide an in-depth analysis and a technical evaluation report or testimony.

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