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Fire Safety Engineers, Inc.


Fire Safety Engineers, Inc. has experience meeting a wide range of specialized needs.  We believe the best way to demonstrate this is to give you some examples of projects we have facilitated.

  • Creating and reviewing fire protection and life safety approaches for hotel-casinos, hospitals, and entertainment attractions, as well as educational, office, retail, and large multi-use buildings. 
  • Fire life safety plan development/review for medical facilities ranging from 6,000 to 500,000 square feet.
  • Identifying and gaining approval of alternate means of compliance for fire safety measures for hotel-casino additions and other facilities that have special fire safety features.
  • Working on fire protection and sprinklering issues for large power generation, telecommunications, and other industrial facilities under construction.
  • Working closely with entertainment companies to develop flame effects that are entertaining while maximizing public safety.
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Fire Safety Engineers, Inc.

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